Sierra Bravo’s Overnight Website Challenge

Sierra Bravo, a web development shop out of Bloomington, MN is hosting the 2nd Annual Overnight Website Challenge. It is a volunteer event where talented web programmers and designers from the Twin Cities area work side-by-side with deserving non-profit organizations to create a new website for the organization. All in 24 hours.

I volunteered last year and it was a lot of fun. My team created a new website for the Riverview Economic Development Association. This year, I have switched to a different team and look forward to working with a new group of talented folks.

If you know a non-profit company that is in need of a website overhaul, or you possess some web creation abilities, I urge you to become involved.

This year’s event is being held February 28th through March 1st at the Continuing Education Conference Center on the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus. For the latest information, check out Sierra Bravo’s blog.

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